Privately Funded Grants

About Private Grants

The Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville is passionate about fostering creativity, supporting cultural organizations and individual artists, while nurturing cultural endeavors across the city, not only through public grants, but also through strategic partnerships and private grants.

Our private grants program aims to provide financial support, resources, professional development and offer additional opportunities for our local artists and cultural organizations. These private grants are made possible through the generosity of private donors who share the same vision for a vibrant and diverse cultural landscape. Join trailblazing partners like PNC and Florida Blue who are driving the arts and culture scene forward.
Photo courtesy of Jesse Brantman.
Benefits in becoming a CCGJ strategic partner:


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Supporting the arts and culture demonstrates a company’s commitment to social responsibility and community development. By investing in cultural grants, companies can contribute to the enrichment of society and the promotion of creativity and innovation.


Brand Enhancement

Sponsoring art and cultural initiatives can enhance a company’s brand image and reputation. It showcases the company as a patron of the arts and aligns it with values such as creativity, diversity, and cultural appreciation, which can resonate positively with customers and stakeholders.


Community Engagement

Cultural grants provide companies with an opportunity to engage with the communities in which they operate. By supporting local artists, cultural institutions, and projects, companies can strengthen their ties to the community and foster a sense of belonging.


Economic Impact

The arts and culture sector plays a significant role in driving economic growth and vitality. By investing in cultural grants, companies can contribute to the growth of creative industries, stimulate the creative economy, and spur economic development in both urban and rural areas.

Various ways your company can get involved in the arts:

Artist Grants:

These grants are designed to support individual artists in the creation and development of their work across various disciplines, including visual arts, performing arts, literature, and more.

Cultural Institution Grants:

We offer funding opportunities for cultural institutions such as museums, theaters, youth organizations and more to enhance their programming, outreach efforts, and community engagement initiatives.

Project Grants:

Project grants are available for innovative cultural projects that promote collaboration, experimentation, and cultural exchange. We encourage proposals that push boundaries and explore new creative territories.