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Become a Corporate Partner

Corporate Partnerships with the Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville

The Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville invites businesses of all sizes to join us as corporate partners in a shared mission to celebrate and elevate the arts in Jacksonville.

Through our Corporate Partnerships program, your organization can play a pivotal role in fostering a vibrant cultural scene, enhancing the quality of life in our community, and promoting creativity as a fundamental element of our city’s identity.

Photo courtesy of Jesse Brantman.
Why Partner with Us?


Brand Enhancement

Align your brand with innovation, culture, and community development. Corporate partnerships with the Cultural Council underscore your commitment to corporate social responsibility and the arts.


Community Impact

Make a tangible impact on the community by supporting arts education, local artists, and public art projects that not only beautify and enrich our public spaces, but also shape our cultural heritage and have clear ties to economic benefits.


Employee Engagement

Offer your employees unique cultural experiences, volunteer opportunities, and engagement in the arts, enhancing workplace satisfaction and creativity.


Networking Opportunities

Gain access to a network of like-minded businesses, cultural leaders, and artists at exclusive events, fostering connections and collaborations that go beyond business as usual.


Partnership Opportunities

Event Sponsorship & Hosting

Become a visible champion of the arts by sponsoring or hosting events organized by the Cultural Council. From the Annual Arts Awards Gala to community arts festivals, your support brings these events to life, offering significant exposure and engagement opportunities.

Commission Public Art

Leave a lasting mark on Jacksonville’s landscape by commissioning public art projects. This unique form of partnership not only enhances the city’s visual appeal but also demonstrates your organization’s dedication to fostering an inspiring and dynamic environment.

Cultural Tourism Opportunities

Eat Stay Play. Art and Culture is the perfect partner to the creative economy. Join us in creating a unique experience here at home! The ideas are endless – Support a visiting artist’s stay. Offer discounts for a great night out to see a show! Be our hospitality partner for hotels, restaurants or unique Jax gear! There is so much to do together!

Tailored Partnerships

We understand that each corporation has unique goals and visions for their community involvement. The Cultural Council is committed to crafting customized partnership packages that align with your objectives, whether it’s through sponsoring specific programs, educational initiatives, or innovative arts projects.

Thank You To Our Current Corporate Partners

Benefits of Partnership

Visibility: Your logo and brand will be featured in our marketing materials, event signage, and public acknowledgments, showcasing your support to a wide audience.

Engagement: Engage with clients, employees, and the community in meaningful ways through exclusive events, previews, and arts experiences.

Recognition: Receive recognition for your contributions to the arts in press releases, on our website, and through social media, highlighting your role as a key supporter of cultural development in Jacksonville.

Community Betterment: Play an integral role in making Jacksonville a more vibrant, attractive, and culturally rich place to live, work, and visit.