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At the Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville, we believe in the transformative power of art to inspire, educate, and connect our community.
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Why Volunteer With Us?

Make an Impact: Your contributions directly support local artists and help bring vibrant art projects to life. Witness the immediate effect of your efforts in the community.

Connect with Creatives

Join a community of art lovers, meet local artists, and work alongside people who share your passion for the arts.

Learn and Grow

Gain new skills, expand your knowledge of the art world, and experience the inner workings of an arts agency. Perfect for budding artists, art students, or anyone looking to make a career in the arts.

Be Part of Exciting Events

Get behind-the-scenes access to art shows, exhibitions, workshops, and more. Our volunteers often get exclusive previews and the chance to meet artists and curators.

Opportunities Await!

Whether you’re an artist, a social media guru, an event planning expert, or someone who simply wants to give back, we have a role for you. Our volunteer opportunities include:
46th Cultural Council Awards

Event Support

Help organize and run our exhibitions, workshops, and community art events.

Social Media & Marketing

Spread the word about our programs and events through engaging online content. We are here to support your cultural opportunities in and to our region!! Please connect with us on social media, tag us in your own posts and share the wonderful cultural announcements we promote.


The Cultural Service Grant Program (CSGP) provides operating and capital funding support to Duval County arts and cultural organizations that positively impact quality of life. CSGP is funded by the City of Jacksonville and administered by the Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville, Inc. Recommendations for CSGP awards are made by the CSGP Committee. Members review grant applications, conduct on-site visits, and hold public grant hearings.
Photo ©️Ally Brody.


Contribute to local arts advocacy efforts and be part of the legacy in shaping Jacksonville’s cultural heritage as a member of the governing body for publicly funded artwork in Jacksonville! The Art in Public Places Committee (APPC) is responsible for receiving, reviewing, and acting upon the recommendations of each City funded Public Art Selection Panel (ASP). Committee members are confirmed by the City of Jacksonville. Art in Public Places Committee (APPC members) elevate the role of public art through the following duties:
  • Attend APPC related functions, such as city committee meetings, artist development seminars, community meetings and dedication ceremonies.
  • Learn about and adhere to the State of Florida’s and City of Jacksonville’s standards of ethics and regulations requiring transparency and disclosure in government or business (Sunshine Laws) and attend periodic training sessions offered by the City.
  • Review collection management practices and potential donations to the City’s permanent public art collection.
  • Identify and help cultivate new APPC members.
  • Promote and advocate for the APP Program, acting as goodwill ambassador to the community.
  • Serve as an Art Selection Panel Chairperson when requested.

Learn more about the composition of the APPC and requirements of service here.


The APPC relies on Art Selection Panels to make recommendations regarding City-funded artists and artworks. An Art Selection Panel consists of 5-9 members in the following roles:
  • A Chair – This individual is a member of the APPC
  • A site representative – This individual is either a staff member or Board member of the site where the art will be installed
  • An architect or other design professional (landscape architect, urban planner)
  • Two artists, art educators, or art professionals
  • One to three community representatives – At least one community member must reside in the district where the art will be installed
  • ​A department representative selected by the Chief Administrative Officer from the Office of the Mayor – This individual provides subject matter expertise and city process guidance​​
Serving on an art selection panel is a wonderful way to learn more about local, regional and international artists, artforms and have a voice in the public art process by performing the following duties:
  • Attend all ASP meetings and participate in associated public meetings
  • Review the sites, themes and type of art appropriate for the project
  • Participate in the design and concept proposal review process and negotiations ensuring that public art is compatible with and which will enhance the architecture and general environment of the City
  • Accept, reject or request modifications to project proposals
Administrative Assistance: Lend a hand with day-to-day operations, from data entry to customer service.

Ready to Make a Difference?

Join us in our mission to celebrate and cultivate the arts in our community. Whether you can spare a few hours a month or a few days a week, your time and talents will make a real difference.

Apply Now: To become a volunteer, fill out our online application form. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Volunteer Coordinator at

Let’s bring the power of art to our community together. Thank you for considering volunteering with the Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville – where your volunteerism paints a brighter future for the arts.