Volunteer Committees

Cultural Service Grant Program Committee

As Duval County’s local arts agency, the Cultural Council also operates as the designated agent of the City of Jacksonville for the purposes of determining and authorizing the allocation of Cultural Service Grant Program (CSGP) funding to Duval County arts and cultural organizations.

A volunteer Cultural Service Grant Program Committee reviews and evaluates grant applications based on established criteria, conducts on-site visits of applicant agencies, holds public hearings, and makes award recommendations to the Cultural Council Board of Directors, which has final approval for the grant awards.

Photo ©️Ally Brody.

CSGP Committee Members

The CSGP Committee is comprised of a cross-section of members from Jacksonville’s diverse communities representing racial/ethnic, gender, geographic and age diversity, who express an interest in the impact of culture in the community and a willingness to participate fully in the grantmaking process.

Committee members, who are confirmed by the City Council, include a chair, three Cultural Council board members and seven community representatives. CSGP Committee members serve up to two, three-year terms.

Laura Schepis

Timothy Snyder

Ari Jolly

Ellen Williams

Amy Crane 

Cory Driscoll  

Kristina Heath 

Coretta Hill

Sally Pettegrew 

Angela Strain 

Art in Public Places Committee

As specified by City Ordinance, the volunteer Art in Public Places Committee, which is appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by City Council, are responsible for receiving, reviewing, and acting upon the recommendations of each City funded public Art Selection Panel (ASP), and ensuring ordinance compliance which requires 15% of city funded public art projects be commissioned by Northeast Florida artists.  

Member seats are grouped into three categories:


Cultural Council Board Members (2 seats)


Art Professionals (3 seats) with expertise in any of the following:

architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, urban planning, or art historian.


Community Representatives (6 seats)

Each reside within a different planning district whose interests, professions, and community activities reflect the diversity of the Jacksonville arts community and of the community at large.

Each member serves one three-year term and is eligible for reappointment to a second three-year term.

An in person quorum of 50% +1 of APPC membership must be established in person to advance any public art projects forward. As such, meetings are conducted when there are items of vote, which is usually every other month. Meetings are publicly noticed in advance to confirm its occurrence, and are held at the Jessie Ball duPont Center at 40 E. Adams in Downtown Jacksonville on the 1st Wednesday of the month at 1PM. The public is encouraged to attend and provide public comment.  

Photo ©️Ally Brody.

APP Committee Members

Karen Feagins

Gigi Ackerman

David Faliszek

Elizabeth Heuer

Elias Hionides

Ylva Rouse

Heather Terrill

Larry Wilson

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