Support Local Arts and Culture with Every Mile

Drive the Change with Florida's Arts License Tag!

The Florida Arts License Plate Program was created by the Legislature in 1994. The Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville receives $20 for every Florida Arts License Plate registered in Duval county. ​

Art isn’t just something to admire from afar; it’s a vibrant part of our community’s heartbeat. Now, you can carry this spirit of creativity and support on every journey with Florida’s exclusive Arts License Tag. It’s more than just a tag — it’s a moving gallery, a statement of support, and a direct contribution to the flourishing of local art.

Why Choose an Arts License Tag?


Direct Support

Proceeds from every Arts License Tag go straight to supporting local artists and arts programs in Duval County. Your choice makes a tangible difference, providing essential funding for art supplies, community projects, educational programs, and artist grants.


Spread Awareness

Sporting an Arts License Tag is a powerful way to raise awareness about the importance of art in our communities. It’s a conversation starter, a public declaration of your values, and a rolling billboard for the arts.


Express Yourself

Choose to stand out. The Arts License Tag features a unique design that reflects the vibrancy and diversity of Florida’s art scene. It’s an opportunity to personalize your vehicle in a way that speaks to your passion for culture and creativity.


Join a Community

When you opt for an Arts License Tag, you join a statewide community of art supporters. Together, we’re driving forward a future where art is accessible, appreciated, and actively supported.

How Your Contribution Helps

Every Arts License Tag funds crucial initiatives that:

Empower Local Artists

From emerging talents to established names, your support helps artists pursue their passion and contribute to Florida’s cultural landscape.

Enhance Art Education

Funds go towards workshops, classes, and educational resources, ensuring that the love of art is nurtured from a young age.

Support Community Projects

Be part of art installations, public art projects, and community beautification efforts that transform our spaces into open-air galleries.

Make Your Mark

Ready to make a difference? Getting your Arts License Tag is easy. Visit your local DMV or order online through the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles website. The process is simple, but the impact is profound.

Together, we can drive a future where art thrives in every corner of Florida. Your vehicle isn’t just a mode of transport; it’s a canvas for change. Tag your ride with pride and join the movement supporting Duval’s artists today.